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Subject: Here Cums Pete, Part Two, Family Room FunFamily Room Fun
Larry Marian I really was mad. Pissed, even. Here Billy was downstairs in the
rec room, probably finger fucking my older sister while he could be
upstairs in my bedroom giving me one of his great blow jobs. Or maybe
enjoying me giving him one. Sometimes I couldn't be sure what I liked
most, sucking or getting sucked.
They'd asked me to leave them alone thirty minutes ago and I had.
Of course I knew my parents thought I was with Pam, otherwise Billy
couldn't be in the house with them not around. Well, I was going to go
back down. Billy might be mad, but what could he do? The football team
captain didn't want others to know he liked to suck a freshman's dick.
So I opened the door to the rec room stairs and called, "Hey, I
have to come down."
"Just a moment, Pete," Billy said, his voice hoarse.
"Hang on, " my sister called, a note of panic in hers.
"Just a moment and I'm coming down," I said. I counted to one
hundred and said "Okay. Ready or not," and started down the stairs.
"Sure," Pam said.
They were on the couch, Pam against the arm and Billy in the
middle. Pam's saddle oxfords and knee socks were on the lolita nude pics 15 floor in a little
pile. Her hair was mussed up and both their faces were flushed. I noticed
that her white cardigan sweater was buttoned crooked.
"So you going to keep this up all night?" I asked.
"Take it easy, Pete," Billy said. "Sit down next to me. "
I did and I remembered when I'd sit there and Billy would stand in
front of me while I worked my lips on his six inches of firm flesh.
Sitting down, I saw a small strand of white cloth, like a strap. Like a
bra strap, peeking from the crack in the pillow.
"You've been feeling up Pam," I said.
"Of course Billy hasn't. And don't talk like that, Pete," Pam
"Your sweater's buttoned wrong. " videos of preteen lolitas I pulled on the cloth and out
came a bra. "And there's this," I said, waving it.
Pam reached for the undergarment. "Let me have it," she said. I
let her take it.
"Now, Pete. I loli gif lolita gif
have an idea," Billy said.
"What?" I asked. Billy smiled and ran his hand down Pam's front
and kissed her and reached over and put his hand on my crotch.
"I've got brother and sister here. Maybe we can all have fun."
Pam pushed away. "Pete's my brother. I'm not going to do anything
with him!"
"Course not. I want to do something with both of you. How about
that?" As he said that, he began rubbing my crotch. "Pete already has a
hard on. He's got a nice one for a fourteen year old. " Then his hands
began working on Pam's buttons.
The only time I'd seen Pam naked after she started to develop was
when I accidentally walked in on her when she was twelve. I sure don't
remember much. Real small breasts, small, faint nipples, a dusting of dark
hair between her legs before she threw a towel in front and screamed at me.
Then I saw her breasts, full, flushed like her face, and large, dark brown
nipples, jutting out, hard.
Still rubbing my crotch, he kissed Pam and put his hand on her bare
breast. "You mean you guys, things?" Pam asked when their lips
"Yes. Nice things. Right Pete?"
"Sure, Billy," I said. Self consciously I reached out and put my
hand on his crotch. He was hard, but I expected that.
"You can take it out, Pete. Pam's seen it."
"This is weird," Pam said. "But sort of neat." I'd expected Pam
to get all upset, but she sure didn't sound that way. I took both my hands
and pulled Billy's zipper down and eased the waist button loose. It was
only then I noticed that his belt wasn't buckled. I glanced over and saw
that Pam's pleated skirt was pushed back up to her waist and while I
couldn't see what Billy's loli child top list hand covered, she didn't have panties on.
Billy raised his hips and I drew his pants and shorts down,
exposing his cock.
"Here, Pam. Let's get you more comfortable," Billy said and
unbuttoned her skirt. lolita preteen bbs gallery
Now I could see Pam's snatch, and I could see little
drops of moisture on the thick, dark hair. Then Billy drew her skirt down
and dropped it to the floor. Pam began to unbutton Billy's shirt, even as
he eased her sweater of her shoulders. The next thing I knew, there was my
fifteen year old sister, sitting on the couch with Billy's arm around her,
kissing her, with one hand on a breast and the other between her legs,
which were open for him.
I touched Billy's cock, then leaned over, looked at the drops of
precum around the slit and took it in my mouth. I was self conscious for a
moment, then realized that my sister probably couldn't see anything and I
began to lick and suck and kiss it, going deep down until my lips actually
touched his balls, then going all the way up so that they just barely
touched the bright red head.
"Stop for a moment, Pete," Billy said and I did, figuring that he
was about to cum and wanted to wait. His hand, the one that had been on
Pam's pussy, began to work on my pants. His other hand went from her naked
tit to her snatch. "Give me a hand, Pete," he said. I knew he meant my
pants, and I provided the other hand while one gently played with his tool.
Pam began to pull Billy's shirt off, exposing his hairy bare chest.
Then my pants and shorts were down to my knees. He and I worked
them down, over my tennis shoes and I kicked them off. "Take off your
shirt, Pete," he said, then dropped his head and took my dick full in his
mouth without any playing around like he usually did. I looked over at my
sister, to see her watching the back of her boyfriend's head bob up and
down as his lips stroked my hard prick. His hand was working in her
crotch. I'm sure his finger was inside her pussy and she smiled.
"This is crazy," she said. "But neat."
"Yeah. He likes to have his balls rubbed lolita 13 nude ls while he's newest preteen lolita sites sucking," I
"Oh," Pam said.
"But I guess you know that."
She shook her head but I saw her hand reach down and she must have
gone to his balls, as I felt his lips tighten when I did it. "I've never
done that. This is as far as I've gone."
Billy stopped sucking me, raised up, and said, "Well, Pam. You've
seen it done. Want to try it now?" He gave me a slight push away and
arranged his body exposing his dick for my sister.
"I, I don't know," she said.
"Don't worry, Pam. There's no taste. Try it." I rubbed Billy's
strong, broad shoulders. "I could newest preteen lolita sites
use some more, Billy." I grinned at
Pam. "Show sis how it's done."
And he did, this time, kissing and licking the head of my dick,
which had never before been so long and hard, before taking it into his
mouth, swallowing my meat all the way to his throat.
Pam looked at me, took his enormous prick in one hand and then bent
down, her hair falling over her face so I couldn't see, but knowing from
how Billy's body squirmed that Pam was taking his cock into her red lips.
Then I could feel myself getting ready to cum. "Billy. I'm about
to cum," I said, hoping he'd stop, yet hoping he'd go on . He raised his
"Not yet, Pete." Then he gently took Pam's face from his lap.
"What do lolita preteen bbs gallery
you think, Pam?"
"It's not gross like I thought. "
"Well, let's see. How about a turnabout?" he asked and lowered his
head to Pam's lap. "I've always wanted to eat your pussy. Pete, can you
get to my prick?"
I responded in the best way I could, reaching down with my hand and
guiding his dong into my eager mouth. "Oh, God," Pam said, "Oh, God. I'm
cuming. Oh." And then, without any warning, Billy's prick began to leap
and jerk in my mouth and I could feel his cum fill it. I swallowed as he
filled it again and loli child top list I swallowed again. When I took my mouth off his still
rock hard dick, there was one more spasm and white cum shot out and hit my
bare chest.
Pam was lying back, totally flushed, eyes closed, a smile on her
lips. She opened them. "Good thing you took your shirt off, Pete, " she
said. I laughed and pulled off my sneakers. While I was doing this, Billy
pulled his wallet out of his pants and took out a rubber.
"Think we might finally need this? he said to Pam.
"After this, I guess so," she said and smiled. Then he leaned
back, took her in his arms and began to kiss and stroke her. They
gradually lay down, and I sat on the floor and used my hands on Billy's ass
and balls as they clenched and Pam's knees rose into the air. "Billy. My
brother is going to see you fuck me the first time. You want that, Pete?"
"Yeah. I'm going to watch real close."
Billy stopped kissing Pam for a moment. "Pete, can you put the
rubber on my dick?" he asked. I'd never done that before, but figured I
could. He raised up on his knees, separated by Pam's legs and I got the
rubber out of its pack and over the head of his dick. Then it rolled on
back and he was ready. I could see Pam's pussy, open and glistening. Then
Billy got between her legs and, with her hand helping him, eased it in.
I got a wild idea, and knelt on the couch between his legs, and
Pam's feet, leaned forward and began to work on his balls and behind it,
licking with my tongue almost to his asshole. Pam's leg hit the side of my
head as she brought it up around his waist. As he rose for the thrust I
could see Pam's wet pussy hair and smell a heavy fishy odor which seemed
remarkably sexy.
"Oh, great. Damn. Pam and Pete. Great," Billy said, his breath
coming in rasps.
"I'm going to cum again," Pam said.
"Me, too," said Billy. Then the three of us collapsed in a pile of
limbs and bodies and groans.
That didn't last for a minute, because Billy pushed us both so he
was lying on his back. He pulled the rubber off his still hard dick, took
another from his wallet and put it on, all in moments.
"Pete. Get up on my chest and fuck my mouth. Pam get on top of
me." And we did. I eased my dick into Billy's mouth and began to slowly
draw it in and out. I looked back and Pam, her face flushed again, lowered
herself onto Billy's tool and began to bounce on her knees.
We were so close together I could feel Pam's breasts moving against
my back, which felt good. I looked down at Billy and he was rolling his
mouth around as I drove my dong as I worked towards a climax. I cold hear
Pam breathing behind me, and feel her exhales as she rode his rod.
"Yes, yes, yes. Again," she said.
"I'm going to cum, Billy. I'm going to cum." And then I did.
Moments later I felt Pam's hands on my shoulders.
"Oh, God. I have again. loli gif lolita gif And so has Billy."
"We've all cum together,": I said, easing my cock from Billy's
mouth. Billy said nothing, but smiled through closed lips. He pushed me
up and I rose from him as Pam got off of her sex saddle. Then Billy
grabbed Pam and kissed her, hard, his arms squeezing her body.
When the kiss was over, Billy said, "Not fair you didn't get to
taste some cum. Even if it was your brother's."
"So that was what that strange taste was. Well, I guess it's okay
since we didn't do anything to each other. I guess the next time I can
taste yours." "You didn't let Pam and Billy say alone for too long, did you
Peter?" Mom asked when they returned.
"Oh, no ma'am. We stayed together."
"That's good. I don't want to leave temptation around. "
"Right. I won't let Billy alone with Pam. And they didn't
"Well good. I think I'll need you to chaperone again next week"
I looked at Billy and Pam. "That'll be just fine, Mom," Pam said
and smiled. And it sure would be.The End

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